Chicken and Waffles Recipe


Make Chicken and Waffles. My version of this popular breakfast uses a maple syrup marinade and boneless chicken thighs. Full chicken & waffles recipe

For a traditional chicken and waffles use my extra crispy fried chicken recipe:
Waffle video recipe:

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  1. Originally waffles and chicken was
    Waffles. Fried chicken (yes w bone)
    & maple syrup now its pretty much an east coast thing say Detroit -to harlem
    Not found much west and south of Detroit in restaurants 

  2. Its a Harlem thing from the 1940's-50's
    Workers that got off early in the would eat chicken and waffles and call it brunch
    I currently have a ba in culinary arts thru 6yrs of home study and that's the one thing that really covered origins of food we eat today and u d be surprised how much of the food we eat today is just updated versions of recipes from
    1700's-1960's its around 85-90percent or so 

  3. This looks so appetizing. But I don't know if I could eat chicken and waffles, lol. I love fried chicken and I love waffles, but I don't know if I could eat them together. It seems like such an awkward combination to me. But then again, I don't like anything that falls into the 'sweet and sour' category. 

  4. I've only had this one other time and I was hesitant to try it, but I am damn sure going to make some.  How do you get the thighs so big?  I have not seen them that size and I bet it is better with thighs.  Yum