Chocolate Crinkle Cookie Recipe – Laura Vitale – Laura in the Kitchen Episode 756


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  1. Hey laura i made them last year and they were awesome, but i tried this year and was a totally disaster they speaded and the dough was very wet after 4 hours in fridge when i put them in the icing sugar the sugart melted and when i put them on the oven they spread why? sorry for my english

  2. After taking out of the fridge,the cookie dough 's surface is kind of wet and when I roll the dough in the icing sugar, the sugar melts very quickly
    And it doesn't give that crackling snow like effect
    So what should I do?
    Is it because of the hot tropical weather here?

    Any suggestion?
    Thanks in advance.

  3. Can someone explain the science behind this? like why would rolling the dough in confectionate sugar will result in the crinkled effect after baking? lol i'm just interested to know

  4. This recipe is not good at all! It yielded a dry cakey cookie instead of the moist chewy crinkle that it should be. It looks like the butter should be 1/2 cup instead of 1/4 as in the recipe.

  5. Hi Laura, I love your chocolate crinkles. I made one and it turned out yummy! Better than a regular cookie. I will make more for the holiddays! Thanks for sharing your recipe.