Fireball Whiskey Pumpkin Pie recipe by the BBQ Pit Boys


Whisky Pie is the perfect dessert for that holiday barbecue you have going on at your Pit. Check out how to make this easy to prepare and grill Cinnamon Whiskey Pumpkin Pie, as shown by the BBQ Pit Boys.You can print out the recipe here:
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  1. I'm a baker and a bbq'r – will be making this one for sure.  Nice to see the BBQ Pit Boys using our fine Canadian Fireball whiskey…. eh.

    I would top that pie with some luscious whipped cream and crushed candied Fireball whiskey nuts. Guud.

  2. BBQ Pitboys are awsome!!!!
    big fan of yalls grilling methods and i like it when yall say "its good enough to eat right now" and it really does lol keep doing what yall do, yall really help us ppl who cant really grill. thank you!!!! BBQ Pitboys!!! 

  3. Fireball was "pulled back" from stock in sweden and anyone who had bought one could get a refund because of something in it that was apparently real bad. 

    I haven't looked into the subject but if you plan to bake this or drink a lot of fireball whiskey you should look into it yourselves! <3
    No food police, just helping y'guys out.