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Learn how to make dutch baby pancakes from scratch with this easy recipe. A Dutch baby pancake is perfect for a healthy breakfast or brunch!

I do not think there is anything truly Dutch about a Dutch baby pancake, but it is similar to the German pfannkuchen. Basically it’s a giant popover, baked in a skillet, with eggs being the only leavening. When done correctly, a Dutch baby is a marvelous sight to behold (and a marvelous thing to eat).

Full printable Dutch baby pancake recipe at http://hilahcooking.com/dutch-baby-pancake/ An oven-baked pancake that is really more like a giant popover. Subscribe for more videos! http://goo.gl/nNMmxs

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  1. you can put the fridge-cold eggs for a few minutes in a bowl with warm water, but it should not be too warm. I'm doing that quite frequently and it works very well. Sometimes you just don't feel like eating what you planned for this day (=
    Btw.: You look just georgeous and radiant!

  2. Hilah…I gotta tell you…I just saw your intro and I paused at 31 seconds to write this: You look AMAZING!!!! You are so rockin' that red lip girl! You look beautiful! Ok…back to watching your recipe ;D