Onion Chili Sausage Sauce


Sweet and tangy and loaded up with smoked sausage, this Pit Boys barbecue sauce is the perfect condiment for any type of meat sandwich, hot or cold. Be sure to bottle up some extra, too. And this recipe is real easy to do, as shown by the BBQ Pit Boys. You can print out this recipe and 100’s more here http://www.bbqpitboys.com/recipes/item/504/onion-chili-sausage-sauce



  1. ah crap….why i was born outside USA….damn, we have BBQ here in my country, but we call it with another name, and also we don't have the same cuts of meat or the really awesome BBQ tools or equipment, also we don't have "Crawfish or alligator meat….our BBQ culture is pretty lame, i want to try some of the recipes because i imagine the smell and flavor of those majestic BBQ masterpieces …..men , i'm so hungry right now

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