Baby Back Ribs by the BBQ Pit Boys


Sick of those dried out, nothing to write home about, over-priced Baby Back Ribs served up at your local restaurant? Switch it up..! The BBQ Pit Boys show you how make a citrus Marinade, a Cajun rub, and a Pepper Bourbon sauce for serving up moist and tender Baby Backs at your Pit. And it’s real easy to do with these few simple tips.

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  1. tried this rub and rib cooking technique and it was very salty on the finished ribs. I would use maybe 1/4 the salt if I was to try again.

  2. Went with this recipe today- Some of the best babybacks I ever put in my mouth--REMEMBER to use coarse salt like the man said–Table salt will make it too salty. You guys Rock -!