Chilaquiles! How To Make Mexican Chilaquiles


Learn how to make Chilaquiles – a classic mexican breakfast – with this easy video recipe! Fried tortilla strips, fresh spicy salsa, and a fried egg on top.

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Chilaquiles are known throughout Mexico to be the best, most reliable hangover cure that exists (especially when paired with a michelada, wink wink!). They are probably one of the simplest Mexican breakfast recipes around, too. It starts out similar to making migas, with frying some corn tortillas until lightly crispy. Unlike migas, though, chilaquiles require zero chopping as long as you have the salsa already made, which makes it a much safer option in the kitchen for a person who may or may not be so hungover that she (or he) has double-vision and really probably should be at a hospital.

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  1. Love it!! I like to see different variations of this recipe! We have a big hispanic population here in Colorado, yet it is damn near impossible to find a good chilaquiles. I'm going to have to just make my own. PS, your adorable!! I think I need to adopt you as a sister! LOL

  2. oh man…. what's next? having some white guy or girl cooking ranchero beans…. or maybe menudo?… they already stole the crunchy taco (taco dorado) and turn it into a freak-frankeinstein thing they call taco bell… they also open the chipotle restaurant and destroy the burrito… its not authentic meixcan food…. now chilaquiles…

  3. When I'm having a hangover I usually live in the bathroom, near the toilet, shaking, sweating, feeling all around miserable.
    No way I could walk to the kitchen in that state and make this.

    It's caused by bad or low quality alcohol or mixing different alcohol brands in a bad way. At least for me. Can drink myself to sleep and wake up fine the next day when I drink good quality alcohol. It's all about eating healthy to give the body what it needs to cleanup the poison you've been drinking, Drink on full stomach, empty stomach, my body doesn't care. It got all the resources it needs for the cleaning job when I sleep.

    Haven't cared to figure out how to avoid the alcohol withdrawal after the weekend yet. I'll get around to it one day.

    Okay, what I described could be considered alcohol poisoning but whatever, same miserable thing.

    Why do I watch food videos at night?! I'm a glutton for punishment. Youtube stop suggesting food videos at night!!!!

  4. Chilaquiles fantastic! Thanks for keeping the tortillas crisp that's the way. I just finished a plate of dinner chilaquiles. Can't wait to make the breakfast one.