Venison Roast recipe by the BBQ Pit Boys


Hunting season makes for some good eating at the Pit for sure. The next time you need a game recipe, check out this barbecue “low and slow” bacon stuffed Venison Roast. And it’s real easy to do, as shown by the BBQ Pit Boys. To print this recipe and 100’s more, check out our Website Get your Pit Boys T-Shirts: Form a Pit Boys Chapter: Get your Pit Boys Pitmaster Certificate:

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  1. I really enjoy your videos. Your recipes are great. I am from South Africa and every year I go hunting. You may enjoy this recipe. I use a kudu or springbuck fillet . Rub with olive oil and crushed garlic then sprinkle with a bit of lemon juice. Leave in the fridge overnight. Grill over a medium heat till its done the way you like it. I am sure that it will work just as well with the venison that you have there as with what we have here. By the way, when we have a BBQ we call it a braai. The word " braai" rhymes with the word bye but with an "r" in.

  2. Cool Video"…. Normally I wrap my venison in Thick apple wood smoked bacon before I grill it or put it in my smoker and it comes out superb!! I definitely will give this a try of putting the bacon on the inside.

  3. Those fellas cut their deer roast the same way I do.  Who'd a thunk it?  But I GOTTA get me a smoker!  That roast they cooked looks awesome!  And I'll bet my boots that it tasted heavenly!

  4. I went out and shot a deer today after watching this .so your video caused the death of a deer in NC. its a good thing I watched this during hunting season or me and the g.w. would have had a problem. 

  5. LOL…I keep saying that you guys should have a raffle where the winner can come out there & kick it with you guys & get their grub on…either that or make some orders where you can ship them for a good price…Keep up the good work! Love your work! A++++++++++++++

  6. A buddy at work got a deer. I smoked it up on an Oklahoma Joe. My 1st time with it and my 1st time cooking Venison! I wanted to follow this vid but the Venison I got was like pork chops so I could not stuff it with bacon. So, I put 2 pieces of bacon insode and folded it up then wrapped it in bacon and smoked it at about 150 for a few hrs then out it in a veggie pan with beef broth for another 1 1/2 hrs. [URL=]


  7. OMG!! my mouth was watering the whole time I was watching this i am going to try the bacon stuffed deer roast next time I go hunting hey you guys got any recipes for rabbit to?